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Silly Robin. Silly me.


This morning, I have been doing some research online from my wonderful cozy easy-chair, looking into courses offered by our local agriculture college. “Shepherding 101” , “Introduction to Sheep Nutrition”  and “Lambing Fundamentals 101”. I am so excited!! Only one bit of pause came when the description of “Lambing fundamentals 101” said that they use live and sometimes dead lambs for demonstrations. Ick. But science is science, and I’m game anyway. Where do I start? Sign me up. 

Meanwhile, as my warm, cozy easy chair sits facing my big picture window, looking out into the front yard and before that, my porch, I notice a robin hopping along the railing of the porch. Back and forth he goes and I find this little guy, or girl (I must say, I don’t know if it is the male or the female robin who makes the nest) has picked out a spot on the railing for his/her nest. Now, I’m not saying this is a terrible idea, but as I write this there are roughly 8 children under the age of 12 playing in the front yard just beyond the schubert tree. They haven’t noticed this little bird, yet, and it seems the robin has not yet noticed all of these kids.

I may have mentioned before that I have two great danes, one of whom steps up onto the love-seat directly in front of the window and watches what’s happening in the neighbourhood. I won’t say which one, but she’s the bad one. 

This little robin has not yet noticed the dog, either 

Then there is the front door, about 1 metre away from the new little nest. Not that any of us would go near it. I have taught all my kids that nests are to be respected and never to go near and most especially never touch a nest. But that door, opening and closing, sometimes with a slam (we do have kids living here) could startle young birds out of their wits if not their feathers. 

So, I admit that what I did next was pretty much of out of the realm of practical. I cut paper towel into long thin strips and left it on the little table directly in front of the railing where this silly little robin was building a nest. Image

It, of course, wasn’t long before I noticed some of these little strips showing up in the nest. I guess if you are a lazy robin and don’t want to find a precarious fork in a tree branch, want to see the neighbourhood without having to be so high – maybe even a little afraid of having your nest to high in the tree, and have found a flat, sturdy spot, out of rain and wind and cats, paper towel cut specifically for your needs could seem like a great idea. And maybe it will be. It seems I am every bit as silly as this robin.